What You’ll Get

There are four important steps you need to consider when purchasing your car – made easy with a VIR from Motorweb.

The Vehicle Information Report®

The VIR is designed to take the hassle out of purchasing - helping you get on the road in your new vehicle quickly and safely. With over 70 checks alerting you to important information, you’ll find out:

  • whether the seller is the registered owner
  • any money owing on the vehicle
  • any alerts on accident or flood damage, or tampered odometers
  • the vehicle’s fuel economy ratings
  • and loads more!
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Seller Check

Checking the seller is as important as checking the car. A seller may give you false details if they are not the "registered person" (you may be dealing with a stolen vehicle), or if they want to avoid any future problems.

We check with multiple Government agencies to ensure the seller is the "registered person" of the motor vehicle. You will need to obtain the seller's licence details so that we can carry out this check.

A Seller Check is included with every VIR® purchased.

Mechanical check

We'll confirm if there are any flags on the vehicle as being a flood damaged import, or having a wound back or tampered odometer.

You should also consider getting a pre-purchase assessment. An expert will perform a drive test and a complete interior and exterior inspection. Get one at the VTNZ, or from your local mechanic – head to My Auto Shop to get in touch with one today.

Purchase agreement

If the VIR® highlights any issues, you can protect yourself by adding clauses to the Purchase Agreement with a single click - it's that simple.

Receive a free personalised Purchase Agreement with every VIR®.