With MotorWeb you can register a security on the vehicle protecting your financial investment and right to repossess.

PPSR Security Registration Services


  • Increase the accuracy of your registrations by using data gathered from the VIR™, minimising data entry errors that could lead to invalid securities.
  • Each registered security is securely stored online for instant recall.
  • Have your securities actively monitored by MotorWeb, ensuring they remain valid and searchable.
  • Import existing securities registered on the PPSR and maintain directly from the MotorWeb portal.
  • Use your existing PPSR Secured Party ID (if you have one) or simply create a new one.

Driver check

Driver Check allows and real-time and instant query on any NZ driver license to ensure they are current, and licensed for the type of vehicle they are looking to drive or finance. All you need is the licence number, version, and a full name.

You’ll get instant confirmation on:

  • License type: Learner, Restricted or Full licence.
  • License status: Disqualified or suspended.
  • Vehicle type: Car, motorcycle, heavy truck.
Click here for a sample report

Debtor search

Is your client already over-financed? Check if they have any other secured loans with finance companies on the PPSR with a Motorweb Debtor Search, all you need is a name and date of birth.

You’ll get instant confirmation on:

  • Finance company details.
  • Other collateral and goods financed by your customer.