Legal Compliance

Simplify legal compliance by instantly completing a change of ownership when buying or selling a vehicle. All changes of ownership transactions are securely stored by Motorweb for instant recall, making your bookkeeping a breeze.

Consumer Information Notice (CIN)

Create a CIN using only the cash price, odometer reading and if the vehicle needs a band expander.

MotorWeb will:

  • Automatically aggregate Government data
  • Produce a personalised branded CIN windowcard, ready for printing
  • Include Fuel Economy Label and additional selling information (accessories, warranty, finance information) as needed.
  • Securely store your CIN window cards for 6 years

Loan form

Instantly create a legally binding loan agreement that includes your own specific terms and conditions.

  • Vehicle details already filled in for you
  • Personalise your own terms and conditions
  • No pre-printed forms require- send straight to your printer
  • Create a legally binding agreement to protect your vehicle

WOF reminders (WOFPlus™)

Simultaneously issue WOFs as you need, or sign up to Motorweb WOFPlus reminders, with your company's details and message.

Your reminders are automatically sent via email, text message or post.

Ownership transfers


Buying: MR13C Trader Network Transfers

Details are automatically aggregated from multiple systems, eliminating legibility issues, incorrect information and transfers being performed on the wrong vehicle.

What is an MR13C?

This puts the vehicle into the 'Trader Network' making it exempt from Continuous Vehicle Licensing (CVL). The vehicle's license can expire (and remain expired for up to 2 years) without you having to pay fees for the time the vehicle was unlicensed when you eventually re-license the vehicle


Selling: MR13B Change of Ownership

Instantaneously update the vehicle's ownership records in the Government registries, and provide your customers ownership documentation before it leaves the yard.

No more paperwork or time wasted sorting speeding and parking fines for vehicles you've sold weeks ago.

What is an MR13B?

This officially puts the vehicle into the customer's name making them the "Registered Owner". They will then receive parking and speeding fines and be liable for any licensing fees.