The Vehicle Information Report

The Vehicle Information Report (VIR®) is NZ’s leading vehicle history check. Comprehensive, real time data that enables you to make the best purchasing decision for that next car.

The Vehicle Information Report®

Did you know that based on VIR’s generated over the past three years, one in three vehicles we check has money owing, an inconsistent odometer or is reported stolen? A full history check takes the hassle out of purchasing, and you can be confident you’ll be on the road quickly and safely.

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Why get a VIR?

We can check all registered vehicles - cars, trucks, boat trailers, motorcycles and caravans, and you’ll get over 70 checks, including safety and security information (where available).

You’ll receive a comprehensive check of the vehicle's history within New Zealand, alerting you to important information such as:

  • whether the seller is the registered owner
  • any money owing on the vehicle
  • any alerts on accident or flood damage, or tampered odometers
  • the vehicle's fuel economy ratings
  • and loads more!

Problems are clearly identified with simple explanations and advice so you can make your final decision.

What do you get with a VIR?

There are four important steps you need to consider when purchasing a car, made easy when you purchase a VIR.

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$100,000 Repossession Guarantee

We’re so confident about what you’ll get in the VIR, we put our money where our mouth is.

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